The Ins and Outs of Energy Efficient Doggie Doors

If your pet’s frequent need to go out and come back in has earned him the nickname “In and Out Fluffy”, it’s time to consider installing that dog door you’ve been thinking about. It’s about giving your dog or cat a little bit of independence — and the fact that you won’t have to be at your pet’s beck and call is just a bonus.  

Maybe you’ve been putting off installing a doggie door because you’re concerned about how energy efficient they are — or are not. In a world with gadgets that rival technology in the best sci-fi novels and movies, worrying about energy efficient dog doors is a thing of the past. No matter what type of door you have that requires a convenient opening for your pet, there’s one that will meet you and your dog’s needs.  

Different Types of Doors

It used to be that a door was a solid piece of wood cut to the right size to fit your door frame, more or less. These days, the government has a list of criterion that will tell you whether or not your door is energy efficient. According to the Energy Star website that includes making the fit as tight as possible using magnetic stripping and using core materials inside the door like polyurethane foam and fiberglass. And that’s just for a wooden door. Glass doors have their own set of specs that indicate energy efficiency such as two panes of specially coated glass that have a non-toxic gas between them for improved insulation. 

When your door meets the Energy Star standards, altering it to accommodate a doggie door could interfere with its efficiency — unless you get a dog door that is guaranteed to minimize or eliminate energy efficiency concerns. Look for dog doors that:

  • insulate like Energy Star double pane glass
  • withstand high winds
  • seal securely against weather conditions
  • function well in high and low temperatures alike 

Doggie doors that measure up to Energy Star standards are made to work well with any type of human door and are flexible and safe to accommodate the comings and goings of your pet. They’re easily locked down at night or any other time you want to keep your pet in — and other animals out. Some are as simple to install as simply propping up and locking in place, but others may require professional installation.  

When your furry friend is pushing the limits with his entrance and exit demands, an energy efficient dog door is just the thing to maintain familial harmony as well as the temperature in your home.






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