About Me

Bio pic 2016Over the past 30 years, writing, proofing and editing have been a part of the job description for the majority of the positions I’ve held. It began in radio, where I wrote and produced radio ads on a daily basis, and continued on when I joined my husband to work with him at his health club, where I not only wrote ads for the business, but wrote copy for brochures, direct mail campaigns, press releases, and newsletters. I was able to hone my skills and further my education by completing Magazine Article, Creative Writing, Research for Writing, and Essential Editing courses. Building these skills allowed me to branch out to write for internet marketing companies as well as articles for websites and blogs. More recently, I completed a course on Writing Memoirs and Biographies, which opened up doors for freelance work with print magazines and ghostwriting book-length projects.  

The great thing about doing something you love is that it shows in the finished product. When you come to me for your writing needs, whether they’re business-related or personal, you’ll get copy that hits the mark: it gets your message across, it tells your story, it sells. Take a look at the writing samples on my portfolio page. You’re sure to connect with more than one, but if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, contact me and let me know what you need. I’d love to work on your project with you, whether it’s copy for your blog or website, writing a newsletter, editing an investment proposal, or even telling your life story.

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