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Bio pic 2016For most of my adult life, writing, editing, and proofreading have been part of the job description for the majority of the work I’ve done. It started in radio, where I wrote scripts and ad copy daily, and continued when I started freelancing for lifestyle magazines. It was during that time, when my assignments began centering on showcasing the unique stories of everyday people, that I discovered how much I enjoyed hearing people’s stories and telling them. I found I loved working with those individuals to tell their stories in an engaging, entertaining way that honored them, and that’s when I shifted my full focus to ghostwriting.

The clients I’ve worked with are as diverse as the projects they’ve hired me to do. From non-fiction autobiographies, memoirs, and how-to’s, to humor, romance, and thrillers in the fiction genres, my work can be found on Amazon and Barnes and Noble as well as a handful of indie book stores.

Occasionally, some clients are open about the fact that they hired a ghostwriter and not only mention me by name in the byline or their acknowledgments, but also allow me to talk about working on their projects and provide me with generous letters of recommendation.





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