Everyone has a story to tell ... but not everyone has the time or the skills to get it done.

For every book already on bookstore and library shelves, both virtual and real, there's at least five books that haven't been written--probably many more than that. So many people have fascinating experiences, knowledge itching to be shared, or even interesting ideas for fiction novels, but not many have the skills, talent, time, or maybe the inclination to get it all down on paper or a computer screen. That's where I come in. Not only do I love to write, but I have the talent and the time to do it. It is my business, after all. Having a professional behind you is the best way to access the story inside you so you can finally say, "I'm a published author!"

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  • Lisa wanted to make my project a reality for me and create what I had envisioned, and she worked tirelessly to bring it to fruition. She is trustworthy and understands private and confidential matters and deals with the full range of emotional issues that can be attached to the customers and their projects.--Randy H.

  • Bravo! Thank you so much for the time you spent researching and writing to tell my story. Your writing made my book everything I hoped it could be.--Christine A.

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