Ghostwriting, press releases, newsletters, topic-specific subjects such as pet and veterinary or health and fitness content, website and blog copy...

There's a lot of writing involved in running a business -- more than you have the the time or knack for. Sure, you can get your idea across, but when it comes to artfully writing copy, you need a professional. A writer who is creative, focused and who can deliver engaging copy that sells. Enter, me: Lisa D. I'm an experienced writer with the skills and flare you need to communicate effectively with clients, customers, and prospects. Whether you're looking for copy that informs, sells, or entertains, I'm the writer who can do the job. Whatever copy you need, delivered on or before your deadline, and always at a fair price. Business writing doesn't exclusively mean brochures and ads. Maybe your business writing needs are an edit and rewrite of your resume and cover letter. Possibly you broker investment opportunities and need a writer who can white-label your project narratives. Or maybe you need expert copy written by someone with authority on the subject, such as pet and veterinary or health and fitness articles. Those are all forms of writing I enjoy and can craft any one of them with the style and quality you expect. We all have something we love to do, something we each do well. Turning your writing needs over to me and letting me do what I do best will free you up to do what you do best. My writing lets you say what you've always wanted to, but never had the words for.

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  • I love the way you open the piece, using the reference link to build a narrative out of a real life situation. The body of the article is like a racing yacht. The link is worked in reasonably and at no point do I feel like I'm not getting valuable information out of this article. Great job! --Bryan W.

  • Bravo! Thank you so much for the time you spent researching and writing to tell my story. Your writing made my book everything I hoped it could be.--Christine A.

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