Luxury Dog Collars for Your Dearest Pet

“Man’s Best Friend”, certainly, but many times your dearest pet turns out to be the love of your life, and for them, simple, basic dog collars will not do. Who else waits up for you, no matter how late, and is just as thrilled to see you whether you’ve been gone a week on a business trip or just 2 minutes on a trip to the mailbox? For the one who gives so much and asks for so little in return, designer dog collars are one way you can show how much you value their friendship. 

Dog collars, by design, are essentially the same, but not all dog collars are created alike. Undoubtedly you can find a run-of-the-mill collar at any pet store and even some grocery stores, but your aim is to pamper your pooch with the best of the best and not just with one, but with a wardrobe of dog collars. There is an extensive variety of different types of collars to choose from made from just as many different materials. Adorn your pup with a patent leather collar flaunting rhinestones or even real gems and a gold embossed name plate. Show her sassy side with a collar made of leopard-print suede in any color from natural to hot pink. Or choose a chain collar so you can attach your pet’s favorite charms to the links. There are collar and harness sets that can be mixed and matched and then coordinated with custom-made dog leads, allowing your furry friend to walk the park in unparalleled style.  With the sheer number of choices available, your precious doggy can have a different collar for every day of the week, every day of the month or even every day of the year, if he chooses. 

A collar doesn’t have to be utilitarian, it can serve a fashion purpose as well as being a convenient place to hook a leash. After all, when you choose your wardrobe, you do it to make a statement. Outfitting your best friend with dog collars that match her every mood and her personality allows her to make her own statement. You know how good new clothes make you feel. Give your darling pet the same confidence boost while at the same time showing her how much you care. After all she’s been there for you through thick and thin, give her a little “bling” to show her—and the world— what she means to you.






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