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UT Wire Introduces the “Pocket”

Convenient travel cases are handy headphones and charger organizing solutions for people on the go!

Anaheim, CA–September 14, 2015–As an answer for a quick and convenient way to stow headphones and chargers and keep them organized when traveling, the innovative designers at UT Wire are proud to unveil the latest addition to their line of cord organizing products: the Pocket.

For those on the go, having device chargers and earphones on hand is a must. While stuffing those vital accessories into luggage often results in a tangled mass, it is not always practical to take the time to neatly and methodically wrap and secure each item separately. Following their established formula of simple designs to provide big organizing solutions, UT Wire’s Pocket makes organizing headphones and chargers a snap.

Made from durable fabric, the Pocket is essentially a lined pouch that secures with a spring closure to ensure earphones and chargers remain inside. With no need to wrap up cords, users simply slide their cables inside a Pocket and pack it away in a backpack, purse, or suitcase. The ingenious storage and transport solution means never having to give a second thought to the possibility of cords getting twisted, knotted, or damaged.

UT Wire’s Pocket comes in three colors: black, blue, and orange. That adds to the convenience factor for people who have more than one charger and/or set of earbuds, as they can color-code their accessories. Additionally, two different Pockets are available. One small-sized (4″ X 3″) for earbuds and a larger size (4″ X 5″) for device chargers. Each is emblazoned with the image of the item it holds, making it easy to tell the Pockets apart at a glance. Having individual compartments expressly designed to store different cables keeps necessary accessories neat, organized, and within reach.

UT Wire specializes in creating and manufacturing unique organizing products for the home and office, but the company endeavors to help consumers keep small essential gadgets orderly and organized, too. To that end, the product line includes a variety of concealing, mounting, storing, and bundling solutions for computers and peripherals, entertainment centers, device accessories, and more. The collection even extends to cord management solutions for use outdoors and in automobiles, as well. UT Wire focuses on simple pieces that can be installed and/or used without special tools, complicated parts, or complex instructions, leaving users free to spend time enjoying their gadgets and devices rather than managing them.



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