Letters of Recommendation

As a ghostwriter, it’s gratifying when authors I’ve worked with write a letter of recommendation for me. It’s nice for the ego, but it provides credibility and endorsement for my work in a field where I’m often unable to put my name on what I’ve written. Below are a couple of letters from people I’ve worked with recently:


This is a letter of recommendation for Lisa Jensen. I had wanted to write my life story for many years, and in 2016 I finally got the chance to do it. I interviewed several ghostwriters before deciding to hire Lisa and am happy to have found her. I hired her for her expertise in writing biographies but was also impressed with her researching abilities and compassion. She spent as many hours researching as she did writing and many more hours talking with me, all to try to feel what it was like to walk in my shoes. My story is a traumatic one, and it was difficult for me to relive it during the writing of Mother Erased. There were times when I had to take time out from the process, but Lisa was very understanding. She met the deadlines that she could and, when there were unavoidable delays, she was willing to pick up where we left off when I was ready to work again and see my project through to the end.

Lisa used her skills and experience to mold my words into the story I’d always wanted to tell and make Mother Erased everything I hoped it could be. I have received countless compliments on how well written it is. I enthusiastically recommend her as a writer to anyone who needs any level of help writing a book, from light editing of an existing manuscript, to research and interviews, to the comprehensive work of writing an entire work from beginning to end.


Christine Ackerlund

Author, Mother Erased: Learning, Leaving, and Losing My Children To a Sociopath

*email address available upon request*


It would be my pleasure to recommend Lisa Jensen as a writer for any individual or company seeking a capable author or editor, whether a small article describing a city event or a book that has someone’s emotional and professional attachment written inside. She will deliver!

Lisa and I met through her husband and had casually discussed my plan to write a book when Lisa advised me that she had been a ghostwriter and written articles for the City of Pocatello and the City of Idaho Falls regarding special events. I was presented later with full- color copies of her articles and I felt that they read wonderfully and painted a great picture for the mentioned events for this area. After reading the articles and talking with Lisa, I was certain that I found the person I wanted to help make my project a reality. I have known Lisa for 5 years and she is very charismatic and a valuable asset to any organization.

Over the course of working on my project, I came to trust in her, her opinion and the innovative ideas she had to help me make my project a reality. I found her to be very resourceful, if she didn’t have an answer for something, she would find it. She had subject matter experts to turn to, and was not afraid to do research to assist and support the project. Lisa was eager to please, and not just eager to do what I requested to make me happy, but eager to do it correctly and help me understand why or how it was to be done so it was correct, she knew the best way to move forward with my project to make it as professional and accurate as possible. Lisa wanted to make my project a reality for me and create what I had envisioned, and she worked tirelessly to bring it to fruition. Lisa was great to work with, she met all of our deadlines, she is dependable and incredibly hard-working, honest, and impressive.

Lisa is trustworthy and understands private and confidential matters and deals with the full range of emotional issues that can be attached to the customers and their projects. Lisa without a doubt can be confidently recommended to join any professional or private team as a dedicated and knowledgeable writer and really an all around great person I know that she will be a beneficial addition to any organization.

Please feel free to contact me* should you like to discuss Lisa’s qualification or experience related to my project any further. I would be happy to expand on my recommendation for Lisa. The project Lisa assisted me with is 24/1 story about Bowe Berghdal U.S. Army P.O.W. the book is soon to be released** pending DOD approval.


Randy Herbert

*email address and phone number available upon request

**Randy’s book was approved and published in 2021