Cool New Refrigerators

There was a time when refrigerators were simply practical, period. An electrical upgrade from the insulated iceboxes of old, no imagination in exterior design or color were even attempted. Just put your perishables in them and be glad to have a way of keeping them fresh, never mind that the appliance itself was large, unappealing and white. But how cool are these Meneghini fridges? Just shy of a century after refrigerators for home use were invented, designers have finally contributed to the concept and construction of this necessary home appliance transforming it into a useful work of art.

Placing one of these designer refrigerators in your kitchen changes the atmosphere immediately, giving a serenity and poise to the flow of the room that a run-of-the-mill fridge can’t. What it adds to the mood of the environment is only the beginning of the genius of these inventive appliances. The designs are totally customizable, based on your home, taste, and needs. You can pick the exterior finish of your choice and the internal layouts for these nifty little fridges are customizable, too. Want your crisper on the top shelf and the top shelf in the middle? Done! Always thought drawers would be handy in the freezer? You can have ‘em! Whatever you imagine can be yours for the asking.

The innovation doesn’t stop with the tailored interior and finish, it just keeps getting better. Maybe you don’t have the counter space in your kitchen for things like coffee makers and microwave ovens. The Meneghini refrigerators can be constructed to accommodate not only your coffee maker and microwave, but can even be fitted with a pantry and a multi-function oven. Whoever came up with the concept of housing all these necessities in one aesthetically pleasing unit was definitely thinking outside the (ice) box.