Accessorize for Convenience: 4 Cell Phone Gadgets That Revolutionized Daily Life

Where would you be without your cell phone? You probably don’t have a clue because, without your cell phone, you don’t have access to GPS. Don’t let that make you self-conscious. According Forbes you’re in good company. Almost 158 million people in the U.S. have smartphones — and that doesn’t even include a count on basic cell phones. Indispensable devices that they are, you would think that it would be impossible to improve on their usefulness, but technology marches on. Just when you thought your cell phone experience couldn’t get any better, the tech geniuses come out with gadgets and accessories to enhance your everyday experience with your cell phone.

Look, Ma, No Hands

Yeah, yeah, there’s a pile of research pointing an accusing finger at your cell phone as the culprit behind brain cancer. And of course there’s the uproar over the dangers of driving while pressing a cell phone to your ear. But, really, isn’t the convenience of being able to have your hands free while talking on the phone the most important issue? Hands-free headsets, specifically wireless ones, provide total freedom from holding your cell phone while talking or using it to listen to MP3 books or music. There are single-ear devices but you can get wireless, hands-free headsets with two ear buds. These useful headsets allow you to answer calls, voice dial, adjust the speaker volume, reject a call or end one all without touching your phone. You do have to be within range of your cell, of course, but freeing up the hands has revolutionized the cell phone user’s experience.

Fits Like a Glove

Sportsters want to take advantage of the conveniences that their cell phones provide, but often the bulky gloves required in skiing or motorcycle riding make it impossible to answer your phone or control the MP3 capabilities. So you know it had to be an avid skier or biker who incorporated Bluetooth technology into a pair of sports gloves to allow you to interact with your smartphone while wearing them. These Bluetooth marvels are compatible with motorcycle helmets and other headwear that’s Bluetooth-capable. Health Gauge reports that all you have to do is tap one of six different connection points on the gloves to initiate actions on your phone, such as answering and ending phone calls, controlling the volume and shuffling through music.

Keeping Your Cell in Plain View

You’re driving across town when your cell phone starts ringing. But where is the blasted thing? Did it slip down between the seats? Is it on the floor, lost amidst shopping bags and fast food wrappers? After wireless, hands-free headsets, car mounts have to be one of the top convenient gadgets created for cell phones. According to Mashable, the best car mounts attach to your dashboard, clip to a vent or stick to the windshield to deftly grasp your phone and hold it in plain sight. This not only keeps it from getting lost, it also allows you to see the screen without having to take your eyes off the road, providing safety alongside convenience.

Personal Trainers on Your Wrist

Turn your cell phone into a personal trainer with wearable, interactive activity trackers. As Rheana Murray tells readers in her New York Daily News article, you can get a high-tech wristband that syncs with an app on your phone. It will track how many steps you take, calculate calories burned and will even provide meticulous data on your sleep habits. They’re fashionable, too, coming in a variety of forms from attractive bracelets to fashionable, chunky watches.