5 iPhone Apps for Mommy

You already rely heavily on your iPhone. It’s your communication link, address book, and personal assistant all in one. For parents, though, that personal assistant just got smarter and ever-more indispensable with the flood of essential apps that help you not just get through your day, but come out looking like super-mom at the end of it all. An entire book would have to be written to list every one of them, but here is a sample of the best.

ADT Pulse

ADT, one of the top home security providers, gives you remote access to your home no matter where you are with their Pulse mobile app. For parents the features are a bonus and add peace of mind. The app allows you to arm or disarm your security alarm, monitor doors and windows, and adjust the lights and the thermostat remotely from your iPhone. But you can also receive text alerts and view live video through the security cameras. This means you can keep tabs on who comes and goes from your home at all hours and you don’t have to cut short an evening out just because the kids have a curfew. The Pulse is the next best thing to being there.

Web MD Mobile

Web MD’s iPhone app is like having the school nurse at your disposal. You can enter symptoms and the app will provide results of possible causes as well as treatments. It will even give first aid advice for injuries. Of course it can’t write a prescription for you, but it is useful in determining what is wrong when your child doesn’t feel well and whether or not a visit to the doctor is necessary.

SitOr Squat: Bathroom Finder

Even when you tell them to “go” before you leave the house, it’s a given that they will have to go again when you’re far from home and don’t have a clue where the nearest restroom is located. All you have to do is enter your location into the app and it will return a list of results. But that’s not all—SitOr Squat will even tell you how close you are to the public restrooms on the list as well as the name of the business they are located in and whether or not that business is open. It’s priceless assistance during an urgent time of need.

Time Out

Sure, when you’re at home its simple enough to keep track of time-outs by setting the timer in the kitchen. But when you and the kids are at the market or shopping mall and their behavior calls for discipline, Time Out will keep track of the duration you specify. The app will even track  more than one child’s time outs. All you do is select the name of the child and enter the amount of time they need to cool down.

Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner

After a day packed with work, kids and errands, sometimes there just isn’t anything left to make the all-important decision: what’s for dinner? Allrecipes.com’s Dinner Spinner app comes to the rescue by matching up dish type with ingredients and the amount of prep time you enter. The app will return results with photos and allow you to find the recipe, too. If you can’t have a live-in chef, Dinner Spinner is the best alternative.

The list of useful apps for the iPhone grows every day. You might be tempted to get by without the benefit of their assistance, but why should you? Just one day with any of these and you’ll be wondering how your mother did it—and how you got along bti: before the iPhone.